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Financial Planning  & Investment Management

Heron Bay acts a a wholistic wealth advisor, offering financial planning for a deep understanding of each client's financial circumstances and goals. Financial Planning provides the information used to create customized allocation models to match the clients risk tolerance and behavior. Consistent with our philosophy of not layering fees, we do not charge for financial planning.


We utilize a time-based approach to asset allocation, allowing the client to embrace a concentrated allocation model for long-term growth without jeopardizing their current needs.


Allocation models combine multiple investment strategies to improve return, diversification, and risk-adjusted performance. Specific investment strategies are mapped to accounts by tax status to increase tax efficiency of high turnover strategies.  

We believe there are benefits to using an Investment Manager with a specific investment philosophy as a Wealth Advisor: 

  • We have a unique view of capital markets and investing

  • Clients get access to Portfolio Managers, not Relationship Managers

  • We do not sell commissioned products, which limits client's total expense (no layering of fees)

  • We don't overdiversify asset allocation models

Wealth Management Services

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